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Welcome to my special paradise on Earth. A hill in Chianti Classico, the highest in altitude and the lowest in tourist contamination - that's where I chose to live 32 years ago. I only spent 19 million liras for this colonic house, but there was no road, no water, no electricity, no nothing... I put my hands to work and now there's everything - and even more.

The air here is thin, the oil smells of rosemary and pennyroyal, the wine tastes of blueberries and violets.

The bread is made with no salt and could taste a bit dull at first, but just by laying on it some homemade prosciutto bought at Enrico's grocery in Lucolena square and maybe some 15 days old soft pecorino cheese, you'll realize that this tasteless Tuscan bread is brilliant.


Lucolena is still a small village. At the local Casa del Popolo on sundays you eat better than at home.

What I enjoy most is strolling around with Bilbo, my labrador, plunging with him into woods of chestnust and oaks. Pina often catches up with us (she's a cat, but she doesn't know it).

If you want to knock on this paradise's doors, you can send me an e-mail and you will get a quick answer.